About Us

AJS is a Pakistan based company specializing with combination of unique services which includes IT development, Academia and Designing. As evident from its motto 'Services Coded - Knowledge Decoded' we believe in - providing IT development services through creative Coded programs and at the same time sharing Knowledge by using Decoding means of academia.

Our working methodology

  • Honesty
  • Ethics
  • Quality
  • Creativity and
  • Cost effectivity

Our working goals

  • Working with originality
  • Working with each client as a partner and
  • Applying service charges which are ethically suitable for each work performed.

Our Company

Our Team

TheCodepk has a management team which together has 45 years plus of expertise, experience and thereby history. Having successfully developed and designed many creative software's and marketing designs the team has lived up to its founding philosophy of working ethically, remain true to the set principles and deliver high quality work.

The team structure includes permanent members who have elaborate exposure including on internationally projects coupled with associates who due to their specialised expertise and being based in other territories are involved on project wise basis. The specialization includes developers with SAP management knowledge, Media Software Development etc.

The edge of TheCodepk team is that it can cater to a client's basic work requirement to a tailor made highly specialized software development.

Our SuccessTo capture the e-market with the experience of prime media, we have a successful business place with which we provide exceptional customer services. You have an innovative vision for your business and we work to make creative reality. Our success lies in customer's success. We create e-business solutions that are meant to be effective, attractive and creative and target oriented. All our efforts are subject to our sincerity with work. Our work is the only key to measure our success. AJS Technology is a firm of creative and innovative persons that combines a distinct understanding of marketing strategies and professional expertise to enhance your business.

Our CreativeBringing the creative process to work doesn't have to be difficult and our creative team knows how to get started. Our aim is to provide you creative and innovative websites and web services that can be easily useable and accessible. Our creative and promotional web services can effectively present and promote your E-business, as Effective presentation of website and proper promotion are the key things which are required to make website more accessible and AJS Technology is the grand mixture of creative and skilled persons.

What we doEvery thing you need for your business. Yes we know your want, your E-business to be active in E-market. We do this with our creative and strong management system. We are busy to give you the outstanding, effective, creative and results oriented services. 1st impression gives you long lasting results for your business. If your website doesn't grab your visitor's attention, then they'll very quickly go elsewhere. We work with this passion to meet your specific needs. We discuss various aspects of your business and make recommendations about how to best connect with your target audience.